Welcome to Oak Meadow School!

At Oak Meadow, students…

  • Engage in active learning
  • Work with a sense of purpose
  • Love being at school
  • Achieve academic proficiency without being taught to the test
  • Are known and valued by their teachers
  • Become confident self-advocates

Observe Oak Meadow in action, and you will see and hear a dynamic and motivated community of learners. We believe students learn best in an environment that engages their curiosity and allows discovery to be both intriguing and challenging. In our classrooms, you will find Montessori-designed materials, created to meet children at their unique developmental levels. You will also observe skilled teachers modeling active empathy and using proven methods to help students develop academic mastery, social character, and personal confidence. Beyond our classrooms, you will find enriching outdoor learning programs, field trips, and extracurricular opportunities.

Contact our Admission Office and make an appointment to get to know Oak Meadow School. We look forward to meeting you and your family.


Oak Meadow School