Fall 2020

Dear visitors,

During this global pandemic, many parents are thoughtfully exploring the best school options for their children. You will find videos, photos, stories, and descriptions of our programs on this website that illustrate the differentiated value of an Oak Meadow education, whether students are learning in our classrooms or facilitated through technology at home. Here are some of the real advantages of our school that I hope you will explore further:

  • We offer both on-campus and at-home learning options
    During this global pandemic, many parents are making their own decisions about whether their child should return to school or learn online at home. We offer that choice. Students at school have the continuity of a full day of classes five days a week. For parents who want a slower transition back to school, your child has opportunities to be connected with the learners at school virtually, and often work in groups that include students at school and home. Teachers connect individually with the learners at home and with parents each week to check on progress.
  • We prioritize the health of students and adults
    We are not cutting corners when it comes to making sure that health risks are minimized as much as possible. The highest standards of health are in place, keeping students six feet apart in classrooms, mandatory masks for students (3 years and older) and adults, small class sizes and student cohort groups that never mix with other students on campus, classrooms that are professionally cleaned during the day and each evening, and strict protocols regarding hand washing and hygiene. We know how important this is to our families and teachers, and we are committed to doing everything we can to keep people healthy.
  • Students advance academically, and don’t stagnate
    It’s important to point out that this is accomplished by starting with a child’s social and emotional well being. When children feel safe and valued, their accomplishments exceed all expectations. That’s why we make the social and emotional development of students our highest priority. What students most need is a Montessori approach to learning, where each child is seen as having inherent capacities and abilities just waiting to be uncovered and given space for expression. That’s what our teachers do best, and it is the reason our graduates are highly valued at the most competitive high schools in this region.
  • Affordability and an inclusive school culture
    You may be surprised to learn how affordable Oak Meadow is in comparison with many other private school options. That’s intentional. Since our founding over forty years ago, we have been dedicated to providing an affordable school community that is accessible and welcoming for all families in the region who share our values about the way students learn best. Need-based financial assistance is also much more easily available for families than you may have imagined.

This may be the perfect opportunity for you to consider a school that offers a better fit for your child and your family. I am always available to talk with parents about Oak Meadow, and you can learn more about the school and the enrollment process through our admissions office. I hope you will reach out to learn more.



Jay Scheurle
Head of School