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Erin Palmer
Director of Enrollment Management

Oak Meadow School
Office of Admission
2 Old Pickard Lane
Littleton, MA 01460

Tel: 978-486-9874 x226
Fax: 978-486-3269

Young Girl working on art project - Oak Meadow School, Littleton, MA

Unlimited Destinations

What Does it Mean to be Successful at Oak Meadow?

At Oak Meadow, we know that the individual accomplishments that make a student thrive in school are the very same skills and habits of mind that prepare them for their unknown futures (whether the next day, the next school, or the next job). Success is a process here. As a result, there are many benchmarks along the way that signal progress.

blond boy in class - Oak Meadow School, Littleton, MA

Demonstrating Intellectual and Personal Growth

Every day is a growth day at Oak Meadow. Student progress is relative to individual starting points, where both academic and social/emotional strides are valued.

Advancing to Each Student’s Own Next Level of Achievement

Every student is on a constant and sequential path of growth where the personal bars are steadily raised.

Building Confidence

Success breeds success and every little triumph helps develop the self-awareness and self-assurance that propel learning. Students recognize early on that they have agency over their own progress and know they have unlimited capacity for growth.

Building a Strong Moral Compass

As students acquire new knowledge, it is the context and sense of purpose that enable them to use the knowledge effectively. When the context is framed with personally meaningful ethical and moral implications, students can use their new understanding for good.

Expanding Each Student’s Love and Capacity for Scholarly Pursuits

Students understand that learning is not just for school. Not only are there unlimited practical benefits that come from a mind that is always in pursuit, but there is also intrinsic value and enjoyment that comes from a lifetime of learning.

Developing Essential Competencies

Though there is an overriding emphasis on individual growth at Oak Meadow, students are always working to build a developmentally appropriate knowledge base and skill set—tools that will prepare them for tomorrow. Oak Meadow students consistently meet or exceed State and National standards and regularly practice essential skills like creativity, compassion, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

Increasing Facility with Abstract Thinking

Facts aren’t the measure of a successful student here. Rather it is the growing ability to connect the dots, to use facts to create understanding, and use understanding to inspire action, that characterizes success at Oak Meadow.

students in the woods - Oak Meadow School, Littleton, MA