Voices of Oak Meadow

About Academic Depth and Achievement

“Kids know that process is a thing and they take that to their next schools.”

“I came here for math because I wasn’t challenged in my last school.”

“Nature is central to the curriculum. There is a naturalist teacher and our children learn both
science and stewardship.”

“You learn how to focus here.”

“I learned that the teachers are here to help you, help prepare you. They helped me want to work hard.”

“I experience new wonders here.”

“Oak Meadow is at the forefront of embracing Montessori learning and dovetailing with modern
research about how kids learn.”

“We came for the Montessori foundation and stayed. Oak Meadow had a clear path for growth.”

“Children start moving to more abstract understanding and connections by 2nd grade with a very natural progression.”

“Every year we re-evaluate the value proposition of Oak Meadow and know that if we left we would regret it.”

“My jaw dropped when I saw three kids figure out the Pythagorean theorem on their own.”

About Montessori Foundations and Transitions

“This is what Maria Montessori would have wanted education to look like in the 21st century.

“Lots of parents don’t come specifically for the Montessori program but soon see the benefits of squeezing oranges and grinding coffee. There is an endgame and it’s a seamless process.”

“Children outgrow daycares but here the light goes on and stays on.”

“There is no teacher in the front of the room. It’s guided and self-directed.”

“Teachers are patient and let children grow.”

“There is a huge benefit to going all the way to 8th grade for continuity of program and natural progression.”

“Oak Meadow exploits the natural curiosity of each child. They are self-propelled little motors; they don’t have to wait for anyone to tell them to stop or go.”

“What I feel about this school is validated with every child when they act outside of school the way you see them in school—independent, able to manage other people’s emotions and behavior.”

“When you go to a party the Montessori kids stand out.”

“In a more traditional setting the goal is to get everyone to do the same thing at the same time. In this setting kids are working on the same competencies but at their own pace and sequence.”

“Teachers have a profound understanding of all of children’s developmental benchmarks—much more than just grades.”

“The transition to high school was seamless.”

About Social and Emotional Learning

“There is a solid foundation in confidence, character, empowerment, and autonomy.”

“These are happy kids that want to come to school.”

“Kids develop an ease of relating to adults.”

“Children leave with all the tools to navigate any social field.”

“Teachers model everything so shifts develop naturally and organically.”

“Teachers aren’t just teachers; they’re your family.”

“Everyone is treated respectfully and equally here.”

“School is about experience not just knowledge acquisition.”

“There are no cliques or peer pressure. It’s a healthy environment for students to find their place and grow.”

“The teachers know my child as well as I do. They know how she thinks, not just what she does.”

“Graduates have a depth of maturity and understanding.”

“If all children started out in school this way the world wouldn’t be such a mess.”

“Oak Meadow instills an abiding belief in children’s self-worth; their confidence won’t be shaken.”

About Individual Learning, Pace, and the Three-Year Multi-Grade Classrooms

“They had a plan the whole time.”

“Kids thrive whether they are ‘way ahead’ or ‘way behind,’ and never know where they are relative to other kids—only to themselves.”

“There is no shame in where kids are on their trajectory; they learn when they’re ready, so all kids feel successful. The emphasis is on individual mastery.”

“There is a built-in mentorship with peers and lots of collaboration.”

“At my old school I had to do the same work at the same time every day. Here every day is a new day.”

“At my old school the teachers would leave you behind if you weren’t on pace with the rest of the class. The mixed grades mean you can work at your own pace and always be on pace.”

“Kids can be where they need to be both academically and socially.”

“I knew the public school would be fine but “fine” was not my goal.”