Science Fair

For over 20 years, Oak Meadow has been presenting its annual Science Fair, comprised of thought-provoking science experiments, conducted by our older students. They begin by observing their world and identifying something of personal interest to study. Using the scientific method, each student forms a question with a hypothesis, designs an experiment, and takes measurable data to determine the accuracy of the hypothesis. Upon completion, students share what they’ve learned with the community by preparing a visual exhibit and presenting it to fellow students, ranging from 3-year-old’s up to 8th graders, as well as to parents and faculty.

Please enjoy the presentations of our students:

Upper Elementary – Grades 4 & 5

Sabina Arcieri
Fly or Fry

Angshuman Dass-Vattam
Veggie Power

Angus Johnston
Random Competition

Esmerelda Scarlet
Water Absorption

Mitra Sundar
Shake Up Some Energy

Gigi Welch
Does the Temperature of a Battery
Affect How Well It Works?

Marie Belin
Tornado in a Mask

Benjamin Desrochers
A Messy Solution

Harper Michaud
Elephant Toothpaste

Theodore Schurman
Egg Drop

Karlos Velez
Soda Explosion

Emma Westlund
Cool or Fool

Keira Collins
Freezing Time

Wyatt Edwards
Butter, Butter, Baby

Nora O’Sullivan
Disappearing Objects

Adira Sundar
A Spoonful of Sugar

Ayush Venkatesh
Apple Wrecking Balls:
Which Objects Fall Down Easier?

Samanta Williston
The Science of Starters

Upper Elementary – Grade 6

Daniel Belin
Will It Mold?

Grace Bunce
Where’s My WiFi?

Adam Hagerty
Burnin’ Down the House

Darcy Lillie
Do You See It?

Elsa Pierpont
There One Second – Gone the Next

Molly Blood
Hydro Hypothesis

Canyon Cochran
Layers of a Golfball

Nathaniel Hagerty
I Can See Now!!!

Brynn Moores
Rainbow Power

Leah Ziminski
Plant Power – Goodbye Air Pollutants

Katie Boutelle
Hot ‘n  Cold Vinegar

Niya Finnemeyer
Amazing Isopods

Cora Levasseur
Plant All-Nighter? Maybe

Cade Osenar
The Coolest Science Fair

Middle School – Grades 7 & 8

Claire Westlund
Rolling Down a Ramp

Zachary Schurman
Beyblade Stamina

Emily Olm
Ping Pong Pop

Manisi Manchanda
Slow vs. Fast Reaction Rate

Emily Kolak
Salty Water

Prisha Dedhia
Solar Powered Water Desalination

Theo Baern
How do Different Materials Affect the Speed of your WiFi?

Charlie Welch
How do They Affect Your Pulse Rate?

Mei Reed
Sound Conclusions

Jack Midwood
The Effect of Caffeine on Plant Growth

Jonathan Lin
Opposite or Same?

Joseph Kantrowitz
The Key to UV

Clare Bunce
Crystal Radios

Max Baern
Radiant Energy and Color

Medha Sri
Ice Comets

Sophie Palmer
Does Particle Size Effect Soil Erosion?

Andrew Martin
The Effect of Music Vibrations on Plant Growth

Chen-An Lin
Does Our Hand Sanitizer Work?

Nadine French-Jordan
How a speaker works

Faith Beckett
Temporary Magnets