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Thanksgiving Note

Thanksgiving Note

By Jay Scheurle |

Dear Oak Meadow School Community,

In my first year at Oak Meadow School, I am filled with gratitude for our school community. Tina and I were warmly welcomed with countless examples of thoughtfulness and generosity. As I reflect on my feelings of gratitude, I am struck by the significance of the small acts of kindness and caring that happen every day in our school. More than anything else, this is what distinguishes the Oak Meadow community.

Being able to spend time each day watching your children learn and grow is a privilege for which I am most grateful. The students have taken an active interest in the neckties I wear each day. When I wear a pattern with turtles or penguins, for instance, students eagerly let me know the names of the students (and teachers) who love turtles and penguins, so I will make a point of showing them my tie that day. More than at any other school I know, the older students take time to mentor and care for the younger children. This brings out the best qualities in the older students, and it genuinely benefits the younger children as well, who consider the older children to be rock stars.

The teachers at Oak Meadow often spend extra time caring for students, sometimes arriving early in the morning or staying after school to support progress with school work and sometimes even relationships. I also have been impressed with the enthusiastic support of our parent body. Parents and students spent a Sunday afternoon at our recent open house giving tours and sharing personal stories about Oak Meadow with our visitors.

I count Oak Meadow School among my blessings this Thanksgiving. I send my warmest wishes to all of you for a wonderful and happy holiday with family and friends.

Jay Scheurle
Head of School