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An Independent School in Littleton, MA serving Students Ages 15 Months–Grade 8

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Laura received her B.A. in English from the University of Michigan. She first came to Oak Meadow as a parent in 1997. Volunteering, subbing and then working in the front office since 2005, Laura eventually assumed the role of Director of Communications in 2018. Having three alumni children, Rosie Dempsey (‘07), Conner Dempsey (‘09) and Caley Dempsey (‘12), her family has been actively involved in the Oak Meadow community for many years. She staunchly believes in an education that effectively prepares kids for success. She finds Oak Meadow to be a gratifying and nurturing place to work. Outside of her career, Laura is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys paper crafts and photography. As her three children each moved out of the house, three dogs somehow found their way in. Growing up in Michigan, Laura rode her bike to her first job (earning $3.25/hour!) at the first established Little Caesar’s restaurant, flipping pizzas — without A/C!

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