Blended Learning

Oak Meadow School is excited to announce our participation in an important case study with Cisco Systems! The primary goal of this study is to learn how to optimize the learning experience, personal engagement and individual growth of students, at a time when students are learning in school and at home at the same time.

Blended learning at Oak Meadow will be greatly enhanced through collaboration and partnership with Cisco for their Webex platform and Room systems, Samsung for their education displays, and Salamander for their professional floor stands and furniture. This innovative configuration of technology is designed to create an interactive and inclusive learning experience, enabling Oak Meadow students to thrive and to learn whether they are at school and or at home. What an amazing opportunity for our school and students!

Have you read Cisco’s blog? Click here to learn more.

Always Oak Meadow

Every day Oak Meadow is demonstrating that in school, just like in life, restrictions don’t have to impede progress; they can propel it. Together, whether in our classrooms or learning at home, we are all lifted up by the joy and purpose of discovery.

COVID-19 and the 2020-21 School Year

Oak Meadow School continues to update its Returning to School PlanClick to learn how we re-opened this fall.

There’s a lot to learn as we make our way down this path — for students, teachers, parents and Cisco as well. We’re all going to learn together in this effort, coming up with the best ways to achieve these goals, using technology as a tool. Please watch our blog posts and videos on this website for examples of this in action throughout the school year.

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