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An Independent School in Littleton, MA serving Students Ages 15 Months–Grade 8

Accepting Applications for the 2024-2025 school year — Click here to get started.

An Independent School in Littleton, MA

Accepting Applications for the 2024-2025 school year — Click here to get started.


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Exciting Announcement!

Oak Meadow Montessori School Launches Search for New Head of School! We’re thrilled to embark on this journey to find a dynamic leader who shares our passion for education. Skip Kotkins, Senior Consultant at Carney Sandoe & Associates, will spearhead the search. Interested candidates can read the job description HERE and contact Skip Kotkins. Join us in shaping the future of Oak Meadow Montessori School.

What Makes an Oak Meadow Student Stand Out?

Our students share recognizable habits that support their individuality while also distinguishing them collectively…

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What Makes an Oak Meadow Classroom Hum?

There is something almost paradoxical in an Oak Meadow classroom—a quiet intensity that is relaxed yet on task…

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little girl in class - Oak Meadow School, Littleton, MA

What Does it Mean to be Successful at Oak Meadow?

We know that the individual accomplishments that make a student thrive in school are the very same skills and habits of mind that prepare them for their unknown futures…

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What Do You Want Your School Community to Look Like?

The essential questions that inform every parent’s assessment of a school community…

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In the Spotlight at Oak Meadow

The Nature Program

By Nature Program
Oak Meadow has prioritized the incorporation of outdoor, nature-based learning as part of our program. Naturalist Kyle Chamberlain is positioned to take Oak Meadow’s Nature Program to the next level...
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The Oak Meadow Art Show

By Art Program

Throughout the school year, students from Children’s House through 8th grade, work hard to push themselves to new levels of creativity through experimentation, practicing new techniques or skills, and process-oriented…

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Oak Meadow students are both confident and curious:

Confident: Oak Meadow students are confident, yet humble. They have the capacity, and knowledge to learn and apply their skills to any new situation. Our students express their confidence by speaking up and having meaningful conversations with people they’ve just met – people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and identities. 

Curious: Oak Meadow students ask questions and seek knowledge both independently and with the help of others. They have a profound sense of self and purpose and an understanding they are part of a larger community that depends on their contribution.

Our students are motivated, independent learners.

Following the Montessori pedagogy, Oak Meadow students develop intrinsic motivation to learn independently. This is accomplished through prepared classrooms, students’ ability to pursue their own work, and teachers who are keenly aware of where each child is on their learning path. 

You won’t find a Montessori teacher teaching the entire class. Instead, classroom spaces are carefully organized and designed to channel students’ natural curiosity and help them pursue work independently. The result is students immersed in a rich environment that ignites curiosity and inspires a love of learning.

While Oak Meadow students are given the freedom to choose their own work – especially in the younger grades – this does not mean that students can “do whatever they want”. Montessori teachers, in tune with each child’s interests and developmental readiness, carefully monitor and guide students on their unique path towards mastery of essential content. This freedom to work at one’s own pace means many students work beyond grade level. 

Our students excel academically, socially and emotionally.

Principals and heads of school at the high schools our students attend tell us that Oak Meadow students are attentive, curious and understand themselves as learners. Oak Meadow students thrive in whatever new school environment they enter, whether it’s at one of our top-rated public schools or a highly selective private high school. (Click here to see where our students matriculate to high school)

Not only do Oak Meadow students excel academically, they’ve also been given opportunities to develop socially and emotionally. Our youngest students receive lessons on grace and courtesy, while our older students have daily opportunities to collaborate with classmates on projects and work. 

Our students are members of a community.

We know that if students are to be prepared for a world they can’t imagine, our school must be a microcosm of the communities we hope they will create. We model the grace, courtesy and kindness that should be the cornerstone of every social unit around the globe. With cultural sensitivity, we welcome students and families of all kinds, from all backgrounds and know deep down that we are all equally deserving of the advantages our community affords. We value each student not only as a learner but as an individual and appreciate the strength of our diverse population.

These are the foundational principles of our community and the expectations we have for all who join us.